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Transcribed on November 3, 2021


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Posted August 28, 2023 by Archive Owner

The Mormon Battalion Association has a new website found here. To become a member of the Mormon Battalion Association, visit the “Store” link on the Battalion’s website.

Bridging the Archival Gap

Posted February 24, 2003 by Archive Owner

Overwhelmed with the task of preserving and sharing their grandmother's letters, diaries, photos, and other personal documents for future generations, cousins Kimball Clark and Cathy Gilmore realized they needed a solution beyond digitizing. They envisioned a tool that empowered individuals, families, and organizations to be custodians of their own histories. With that vision in mind, they built Kindex: A digital archival tool that bridges the divide between institutional archives and privately-held collections. Kindex helps groups collaborate, transcribe, and share their collections. These tools have democratized the archival process for many families and organizations who would otherwise be unable to do so by making private collections discoverable, accessible, and searchable. With the power archives have to bridge generations, cross cultural boundaries, and diversify the historical record, Kindex became determined to help families and groups with end-to-end archival solutions.